For Businesses:
Participate in the Niseko Tourism Zone Meeting 2021!

This is an announcement from the Niseko tourist area.


The Niseko Tourism Area (Rankoshi Town, Niseko Town, Kutchan Town) received the second certification from the Japan Tourism Agency in April 2019.
Participants from the three towns that make up the Niseko area will work together to utilize various tourism resources in the area.
We are working to create an attractive tourist area where tourists can stay and tour.

We are pleased to invite Mr. Hiroshi Mizohata, a former director of the Tourism Agency and the director of the Osaka Convention and Tourism Bureau (Director of the Osaka Convention and Tourism Bureau).
We will give a keynote speech on “Tourism Promotion in Corona-Sorrow-Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau’s Initiatives-“.

At the round-table conference, in addition to Mr. Mizohata, the instructor, the three mayors of the Niseko tourism area and the Niseko promotion board, which is the implementing body,
Five representative directors, Mr. Ross Findley, have appeared
The theme is “Niseko Tourism Area-Tourism Promotion and Tourism Risk Management in Corona”
We will have a free discussion.

Anyone who is interested in the tourism zone business can participate.
The details of the event are as follows.

[Sunday] November 8th (Monday) 15: 30-17: 00
[Place] Rankoshi Town Yamamura Development Center (258 Rankoshi, Rankoshi Town)
[Participation fee] Free
[Capacity] 70 people * First-come-first-served basis
[Main event] Niseko tourist area
[Application] Please refer to the leaflet below and apply.

Niseko Tourist Area Meeting 2021 Flyer

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