Niseko Town Glamping Project

*This is an announcement from Niseko Machi Shusai Co. Ltd.

The information given below is directly excerpted from Niseko Machi Shusai’s event Facebook page.
Please, feel free to participate if you are interested in the topic.

Hello and welcome to the Niseko Town Glamping Project!

This project aims to create a glamping accommodation base where townspeople and travelers can meet in the center of Niseko. In this kick-off meeting, we will all think about what kind of concept works best to create a fun place for everyone.

We are welcoming everyone to participate, not only Niseko townspeople but also every Niseko-lovers from all over the country (online participation is offered).

One of our guests is Yohei Sasaki of “Bongo Square,” which has a reputation for evolving log cottages. To adapt to the advanced town development that he had experienced in Portland, he created unique accommodation opportunities such as glamping in the middle of winter. From the experience of operating a handmade log cottage, he will talk about the charm and challenges of building an inn in Niseko.

Next, there will be talks by Nobuyuki Kondo and Keita Okuda of “Niseko Living,” which is managed by the Niseko Central Warehouses. After their talk on how they turned a starch fabric from the early 20th-century into a local community exchange spot, we will finally enter the brainstorming session of our event.

Let’s all think together about what makes of a fun concept. We will also introduce the efforts of Niseko Town and the project examples of Enjoy Works!

◆ Speakers
Niseko Cottage Bongo Square, Yohei Sasaki
Mr. Nobuyuki Kondo and Mr. Keita Okuda who live in Niseko

Yohei Sasaki (32) was born in Niseko, Hokkaido in 1988. Under the influence of his parents, he went to Canada on a working holiday to improve his skiing skills. After a ligament injury in Canada, he returned to Japan and entered university in Akita at the age of 20. Studying abroad and his numerous visits to various guest houses in Japan and overseas led to the development of new businesses such as glamping at his parents’ home, Bongo Square. At Bongo Square, “winter glamping” is a hot topic where you can experience Hokkaido in the middle of winter with your whole body.

◆ Outline of implementation
Date: April 25, 2021 (Sun) 10: 00-12: 00
Participation fee: Free
Meeting place: Niseko Central Warehouse Group, online meeting
Hosted by: Niseko Town Co., Ltd., Enjoy Works Co., Ltd.

You can choose to participate locally at the Niseko Central Warehouses or participate online (Zoom).

The participation URL will be sent to those who have selected “Online participation” in the application form.
* To apply, membership registration is required (free).

<About the project>
Haro Reno producer Maki challenged Niseko Machinaka Glamping Project to revitalize the city of Niseko.

We will create glamping accommodations in the city and create contact points between people in the town and people who visit the town. This project has just begun! There are still many questions left to answer, so we are looking forward to all of your ideas!

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