Hokkaido Pref. Government:
About the State of Emergency Measurements Supporters Fund & the “New Hokkaido Style”

The following is an announcement from Shiribeshi’s Promotion Bureau:

State of Emergency Measurements Supporters Fund (Restaurants etc.) [June Issue]

To everyone who wants to apply for the State of Emergency Measurement Supporters Funds, the applications are open from Monday, June 21, 2021.

For further details, please inspect the official Hokkaido Prefecture homepage.

Information about the “New Hokkaido Style” support system

The guidebook for Hokkaido’s “New Hokkaido Style”
support system has been updated on June 15.
The updated guidebook can be downloaded
from the links below
(divided into four parts).     

“New Hokkaido Style” Implementation Guidebook (1)

“New Hokkaido Style” Implementation Guidebook(2)

“New Hokkaido Style” Implementation Guidebook(3)

“New Hokkaido Style” Implementation Guidebook(4)

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