Traffic Information:
Prefectural Road 268 (Iwanai Line) Open again!

The following is a message from the Shiribeshi Promotion Bureau’s Otaru Construction Management Department’s Rankoshi Branch


The following part of Road 268 Iwanai Line has been opened for traffic again. 

Prefectural Road 268 (Iwanai Line)
Kyowa Town, Oikomi (Prefectural Road Iwanai Toya Line Intersection Gate)(道道岩内洞爺線交点ゲート)~
 Rankoshi-cho, Aza Isoya 1005-1 Chisen Kari Gate

※From June 17, 2022, the road is open for traffic again!

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Hokkaido Area and Road Information (MILT’s Hokkaido Development Depatment)

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