Soprano No Aki Concert: November 8, 2020


Information about an autumn concert performed in the Arishima Memorial Museum 


Kawaguchi Shiori (Soprano), Niida Mika (Soprano), Koiyumi Kaori (Piano)

More information about the performer here

  • Lyrics: Yanase Takashi, Composition: Kinoshita Makiko, Title: “Ai Suru Uta”
  • Lyrics: Goethe, Composition: Mendelsohn, Title: “Koi Suru Onna No Tegami,” “Hajimite No Sonshitsu”

Sunday, November 8, 2020
Entry: 12:30
Concert: 13:00


Art Hall of the Arishima Memorial Museum

Entry Fee
  • Only the entrance fee for the museum is required, which is as stated below.

    – adults: 500 yen 
    – high schoolers: 100 yen
    – junior high school students and below, as well as everyone above the age 65: entrance free

How to apply

It is necessary to apply in advance! Only 30 people are allowed in.

If you want to apply, please call us under 0136-44-3245

For further questions

Niseko Cho Arishima Memorial Museum

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