[Takeaway & Delivery] — Restaurants Offering Takeaway & Delivery in Niseko Town

It isn’t easy to enjoy a good meal inside Niseko Town’s many restaurants during a state of emergency.

So, how about letting the food come to your home?

Below you can find a list of stores offering takeout and delivery in Niseko Town.

  1. Izakaya Rakuda
  2. Kushia
  3. Hanayoshi
  4. Niseko Sanroku Pala
  5. Koshu Yatai
  6. Taj Mahal Niseko
  7. Dog Tail
  8. Izakaya Matsu
  9. Honda Café
  10. Vegi King
  11. Mandriano
  12. Deed Bagel & Coffee Company
  13. Saitosei Pan
  14. Maitorie
  15. The POW BAR café

Planned by Niseko Town Chamber of Commerce

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