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For Businesses:
Workshop Regarding the New New Travel Style

This is an announcement from the Hokkaido Tourism Promotion Organization and Hokkaido Events Corporation.


As part of the “New Travel Style” promotion project for foreign tourists visiting Japan in 2021, which is implemented by the Hokkaido Tourism Promotion Organization, we will offer workshops regarding the new travel styles and training seminars about vacations in general. For details, please check the event information below.

Workshop / Workshop Information_Shiribeshi (New Travel Style)

[Participation target] Local government, DMO, tourism association, private business (experience, eating and drinking, accommodation business, etc.)

[Implementing entity] Hokkaido Tourism Promotion Organization
[Date] August 30, 3rd 2021 (Monday)
[Meeting place] hirafu188
[Participation fee] Free

If you would like to participate, please check the application form below.
Please send it to the designated application.

Workshop and workshop participation application form_Shiribeshi

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